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Deborah Larrimore, Founder



Deborah began her journey in the healing arts in 1975 upon receiving a BSN from East Carolina University. Her nursing career began with fifteen years of critical care nursing in Intensive Care at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center, followed by four years as a Nurse Educator for Hospice of Winston-Salem Forsyth County. Deborah’s visionary process led her into becoming an entrepreneur in holistic nursing practices and in Integrative Medicine. 

Deborah is a nurse educator who teaches and lectures both nationally and throughout the world. She has served on the International Board of Directors for Healing Touch and currently holds a position on the Healing Touch international Education Committee. Deborah created and held the first position as Director of Healing Touch Education in the Center for Complementary and Integrative Medicine at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center. She also held a position as a Research Associate in the department of nursing education & research at Wake Forest Baptist Health. 

Deborah launched a Healing Touch Consult Service for in-house patients at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center. This service was available to all patients, with no fee for service. It was a unique volunteer service, staffed by nurses and other professionals who had in-depth training and education in the art of Healing Touch. In the first year of operation over 700 patients were served.

Deborah currently holds a license as a Registered Nurse, a Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist, a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner and a Certified Healing Touch Instructor. 

Deborah believes in the innate kindness of the soul and that we can affect another through the mere act of caring, more specifically by extending love.  She strives to understand healing and how we can affect the process of dis-ease.  She focuses her work on the sacred journey and she encourages others to discover their own path to wholeness. A nurse 41 years, she sums up her journey in the following way;

“As I age with a lifetime of study and of practice, may my work reveal a small glimpse into healing and the effects human beings can have on one another. May I offer understanding of compassion and intention and may I set aglow within others the desire to carry forth kindness, teaching them how to become a Healing Presence.

And if I walk this earth but once, may I inspire others to shine so brightly from their being that they illuminate the path of my soul.”


Deborah Teaching in India

Deborah Teaching in India