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The path to "The Art of Care" began long ago, perhaps at birth and certainly through my life's experience, personally and professionally. 

An acronym for The Art Of Care is:  TAO Care

Tao literally means "the path or the way"

I believe TAO perfectly describes the path we journey as healers, as we seek to find our way forward in today's world of modern medicine. 

TAO Care offers teachings in the exploration of healing, from the most basic and innate forms to the more advanced sacred arts of care. 

Basic paths available to everyone include teachings in the innate ways to offer compassion, comfort and care.

These alone are healing.  

Advanced, more complex pathway courses are for those individuals who have moved deeper into their knowledge and practice of bio-energetic studies.  

These could have come through the Healing Touch curriculum or other energetic studies such as Reiki, Quantum Touch, Therapeutic Touch, Barbara Brennan or Donna Eden's work, to name a few. 

Path: A direction in which we move. 

Way: A route to travel along

TAO Care offers both an entrance to the way of a healer or a path one continues to travel as they  move deeper into the understanding of healing. 

TAO Care complements traditional medicine as well as other bioenergetic studies.

I believe our life is a journey towards wholeness, which is how I define healing. 

May the path-way you walk lead you there.  

To find out more or to register:  Go to the tab at top and click on 2016 Class Schedule  And as always, feel free to contact me  Gentle Graces,  Deborah

To find out more or to register:  Go to the tab at top and click on 2016 Class Schedule

And as always, feel free to contact me

Gentle Graces,



For many years I have had the privilege to teach my life’s work throughout the world.

My work has taken me from small community groups including local churches, to major medical centers throughout the USA, to conventions and medical conferences within Washington DC & Chicago, to remote villages of India, to large cities in the world, to simple life circumstances on a beach, in a subway, at the scene of an holy moments within my family.

If we can daily move through our lives with inner knowledge and understanding of how we as humans affect others, we create a weaving of color…of meaning, which stands, even, when we are gone.

What is the weaving of your life?

Turn Your Faces To The Sun


The morning echoes with summer sounds

Birds in song 


 Chirping others.


It is my favorite season

As the earth reveals itself in color, sound, taste and smell.


Flowers and fresh everything


A palate visually and for all senses.


The morning glories pop open with Light

A star within

 That  greets the day

I ponder the things that make each of us open into the Light

Shining our core essence 

like a star into the world

I seek


I lean


I bend


And I come to know 

that without effort

As a part of all creation


We all turn our faces to the Sun

As the Light of our Source 

Beckons us near

May The LIGHT of Source

God, Creator, the Divine and Holy

Draw you

this summer day


 through all the seasons

of your Soul. 

Traveling Mercies

Tonight I cross the deep seas to a foreign land
Privileged once again be in the countries of the Netherlands and Belgium

They think I am coming to teach, but actually the lessons are for me.

We touch lives as we journey
And as we do
The mystery of the Divine reveals his/her source.

It may be in the eyes of a child or may be in the unexpected kindness of a stranger.

So, I wonder where in life you will journey?
Across the waters or simply out the door to get groceries.

All are the same.

Each of us seeks to fulfill the hunger of the body and soul.

I suspect the latter is never satisfied
Once again, we transition back into Spirit.

So as you make your way
And follow the compass of your own soul
May you experience,
Traveling Mercies.


The sun crossed the celestial equator this past week, shifting us into spring.

And I wonder what will the season bear forth within you?

For we each cycle into our essence.

Without the struggle to be a tulip or daffodil or a mighty oak,

Within each of us , we already are.

Set apart with our own unique gifts and talents,

With our life’s purpose.

We cannot force the process of becoming

 Try as we might

We must unfold in our own unique time

And season.

May the sun shine softly upon you

As you bloom forth

without effort. 

You already are.

daffodil .jpg

Winter of the Soul

Winter of the Soul

In the winter of the season

In the winter of the soul

There is frozen possibility

Of a spring which will unfold.


Frozen in the darkness

Frozen in the soul

Lies the coming of the promise

Which the winter season holds.


Build the fires and keep the focus

Call on all divine to hold

For in the winter of the season

Is the melting of the soul.

IMG_8824 - Version 3.jpg

Fallow Ground

Fallow Ground

Wikipedia describes this as, 

A land plowed and harrowed but left unsown for a period in order to restore its fertility.

Its an inactive period where nothing "seems" to happen.


And I say,

Come with me to fallow ground.


Bare, but not without growth

Not seen by the naked eye

but rather by the Soul.


Fallow ground

Where the season of stillness

and the period of germination are found.


Beneath the edge of discovery

Lie fallow. 



A New Year

The year ended with good memories and warm gratitudes. Now the winter sky brings brilliant sunsets which causes the river to run red. 


And I wonder what causes each of us to flow with such color? I suppose the reflections of others, seen in the waters of who we are.


You create the pallet of my life. May the New Year be full of mystery and sacred wonder and serve to paint the colors of you soul.

Happy 2014!



Welcome to my new website!    

It’s the creation and early holiday gift and blessing from my daughter, Sarahbeth Larrimore. All grown up in beauty and grace, she comes to me this season bearing the gifts of her talents and of her heart. And so it is with gratitude and great pride that I share this new website with you.


      The new website provides you with a way to stay connected through an events calendar, current Healing Touch class schedule, on-line registration form, journal entries on my blog and much more. Thank you for your patience as we add to the events calendar and continue to tweak the website. 

It launches just prior to the winter solstice. It is the season, which calls us to go within as the earth invites us into stillness and the ground lies fallow. During this dormancy phase and beneath the fallow ground, is where germination and rebirth occur. 

It will be the time and the place in which I will be deepen my spiritual journey as well as write my first book. Many of my travels and all other activities will be curtailed and limited during this time.

However, the exciting news is that we can stay connected through this site.

I hope you will join me in celebrating this time. Only in the stillness can we listen and hear. So it is within that space that I will lie fallow. I hope you will be with me in warm winter fires and contemplation while we wait for the upcoming spring. 

Stay tuned and stay connected through this website. Thank you for your patience as I/we grow. 

Blessings to you all,



Within the Walls

Within the walls of our city and the arms of our community lies an integrative medicine therapy that is being taught throughout the world. Nurses, physicians, clergy, therapists and people from all backgrounds and cultures are studying the ancient art of human touch.

How is it that something so simple can diminish pain, and promote healing? Suppose we could teach all people to use this modality of care? Suppose there is something, which is innately available to us all and could be utilized to promote healing? There is. 

People from all over the world are being drawn to study the ancient art of healing, which offers comfort, diminishes pain and promotes wellbeing. 

Healing is a process of returning to a harmonious state of wellbeing and wholeness.  Courses in Healing Touch are being offered which focuses on teaching others the benefits of offering human compassion, goodwill and a heart-centered care.

Research has shown that Healing Touch reduces pain, diminishes anxiety, reduces hospital length of stay and promotes healing. It is a simple therapeutic modality, which can easily be taught. More advanced and complex studies with international certification in Healing Touch can take up to two to three years. Students choose to move through the curriculum and educational process at their own pace..

Touch is an instinct and an innate gift that is within each of us. It is universally utilized to promote healing and is commonly understood.

As we continue to seek the most advanced modalities of scientific medicine, may we not forget nor negate the ancient modalities of care, which allows us as Human Beings to promote healing. I hope you’ll join me in this study.