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Turn Your Faces To The Sun


The morning echoes with summer sounds

Birds in song 


 Chirping others.


It is my favorite season

As the earth reveals itself in color, sound, taste and smell.


Flowers and fresh everything


A palate visually and for all senses.


The morning glories pop open with Light

A star within

 That  greets the day

I ponder the things that make each of us open into the Light

Shining our core essence 

like a star into the world

I seek


I lean


I bend


And I come to know 

that without effort

As a part of all creation


We all turn our faces to the Sun

As the Light of our Source 

Beckons us near

May The LIGHT of Source

God, Creator, the Divine and Holy

Draw you

this summer day


 through all the seasons

of your Soul.