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Welcome to my new website!    

It’s the creation and early holiday gift and blessing from my daughter, Sarahbeth Larrimore. All grown up in beauty and grace, she comes to me this season bearing the gifts of her talents and of her heart. And so it is with gratitude and great pride that I share this new website with you.


      The new website provides you with a way to stay connected through an events calendar, current Healing Touch class schedule, on-line registration form, journal entries on my blog and much more. Thank you for your patience as we add to the events calendar and continue to tweak the website. 

It launches just prior to the winter solstice. It is the season, which calls us to go within as the earth invites us into stillness and the ground lies fallow. During this dormancy phase and beneath the fallow ground, is where germination and rebirth occur. 

It will be the time and the place in which I will be deepen my spiritual journey as well as write my first book. Many of my travels and all other activities will be curtailed and limited during this time.

However, the exciting news is that we can stay connected through this site.

I hope you will join me in celebrating this time. Only in the stillness can we listen and hear. So it is within that space that I will lie fallow. I hope you will be with me in warm winter fires and contemplation while we wait for the upcoming spring. 

Stay tuned and stay connected through this website. Thank you for your patience as I/we grow. 

Blessings to you all,