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Within the Walls

Within the walls of our city and the arms of our community lies an integrative medicine therapy that is being taught throughout the world. Nurses, physicians, clergy, therapists and people from all backgrounds and cultures are studying the ancient art of human touch.

How is it that something so simple can diminish pain, and promote healing? Suppose we could teach all people to use this modality of care? Suppose there is something, which is innately available to us all and could be utilized to promote healing? There is. 

People from all over the world are being drawn to study the ancient art of healing, which offers comfort, diminishes pain and promotes wellbeing. 

Healing is a process of returning to a harmonious state of wellbeing and wholeness.  Courses in Healing Touch are being offered which focuses on teaching others the benefits of offering human compassion, goodwill and a heart-centered care.

Research has shown that Healing Touch reduces pain, diminishes anxiety, reduces hospital length of stay and promotes healing. It is a simple therapeutic modality, which can easily be taught. More advanced and complex studies with international certification in Healing Touch can take up to two to three years. Students choose to move through the curriculum and educational process at their own pace..

Touch is an instinct and an innate gift that is within each of us. It is universally utilized to promote healing and is commonly understood.

As we continue to seek the most advanced modalities of scientific medicine, may we not forget nor negate the ancient modalities of care, which allows us as Human Beings to promote healing. I hope you’ll join me in this study.